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Sometimes plans (and appointments) need to change!

We usually make the next appointment time at the time of the current appointment to hold a date, as the diary gets very full closer to the time. This next appointment can be between a few weeks to a few years, so either of us could be doing other things at that time!

We will send a reminder SMS three days before your appointment (or seven days prior if your referral would have expired), as a service to our patients through our software. If same-day radiology imaging has been booked, you will NOT receive a text from the imaging provider.

What if I cannot make the appointment?

It is normal for plans to change but request that you let us know as far in advance as possible.

Informing us that you cannot make your appointment is basic manners and takes just a couple of minutes. This can be done by email, phone, via the website contact, or replying "N" to the text reminder message.

This helps us plan our day, and potentially open up space to see patients who are on the waiting list to be seen earlier than their allocated appointment. It will also let us know to inform the radiology provider if same-day imaging is booked, so that the precious spot is not wasted.

What if Dr Laura cannot make the appointment?

Barring acute medical illness or emergency, we will give you ample notification of your appointment being rescheduled, and this will usually be around the same date as your initial appointment.


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