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The evaluation and management of patients with endocrine & breast disease


Thyroid conditions are common and include:

  • Thyroid nodules

  • Thyroid multinodular goitre

  • Thyrotoxicosis (thyroid hormone over production from causes such as toxic nodules, toxic multinodular goitre, Grave's disease

  • Thyroid cancer


Dr Chin-Lenn has been trained to perform surgery required to treat these conditions including hemithyroidectomy, total thyroidectomy and neck dissection.


The most common condition is primary hyperparathyroidism, affecting 1 in 500 postmenopausal women. The treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism is surgery. Imaging often detects a single parathyroid adenoma (benign tumour of the parathyroid) that can be treated with a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy.


If imaging does not demonstrate a single parathyroid adenoma, primary hyperparathyroidism is treated with a bilateral neck exploration. Dr Laura is well trained to manage parathyroid conditions.


There are many reasons why women may be referred to see a breast surgeon including:

  • Breast cancer

    • Breast cancer is common, affecting 1 in 8 women. It is often asymptomatic, presenting with mammogram screening, but can present with symptoms such as a lump or nipple discharge. Dr Laura's breast cancer patients meet a breast care nurse to help facilitate their journey.

  • Family history of breast cancer

    • Many women also have a strong family history of breast cancer and may be referred to discuss their risk, surveillance and prevention strategies. Dr Laura works with highly skilled plastic surgeons to look after women requiring mastectomy with breast reconstruction.

  • Benign breast disease

    • Conditions such as fibroadenoma and cysts are extremely common and often detected on breast imaging or with symptoms such as lumps.


Dr Laura is also trained to perform general surgical conditions, such as:

  • excision of skin cancer and other skin and soft tissue lesions

  • lymph node biopsy

  • inguinal hernias

  • carpal tunnel release

  • vasectomy

She has a strong interest in skin cancer surgery, and has been trained in melanoma surgery including sentinel node biopsy during her Surgical Oncology fellowship. Dr Laura can perform selected minor procedures such as removal of skin lesions in the clinic. 

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