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Updated July 2020​

Journal articles

  • Chin-Lenn L, De Boer RH, Segelov E, Marx GM, Hughes TM, McCarthy NJ, White SC, Foo SS, Rutovitz JJ, Della-Fiorentina S, Jennens R, Antill YC, Tsoi D, Cronk MF, Lombard JM, Kiely BE, Chirgwin JH, Gorelik A, Mann GB. The impact and indications for Oncotype DX on adjuvant treatment recommendations when third-party funding is unavailable. Asia Pac J Clin Oncol. 2018 Dec;14(6):410-416

  • Chew CR, Lam T, Chan STF, Chin-Lenn L. Systematic differences between ultrasound and pathological evaluation of thyroid nodules: a method comparison study. ANZ J Surgery 2018;88(5):464-467

  • Peate M, Smith SK, Pye V,  Hucker A, Stern C, Stafford L, Oakman C, Chin-Lenn L, Shanahan K, Ratnayake Gamage N, Hickey M. Assessing the usefulness and acceptability of a low health literacy online decision aid about reproductive choices for younger women with breast cancer: The aLLIAnCE pilot study protocol. Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2017;17(3):31

  • Skandarajah AR, Thomas S, Shackleton K, Chin-Lenn L, Lindeman GJ, Mann GB. Patient and medical barriers preclude uptake of tamoxifen preventative therapy in women with a strong family history. Breast 2017;32:93-97

  • Deutschmann MW, Chin-Lenn L, Nakoneshny SC, Dort J, Pasieka J, Chandarana SP. Practice patterns among thyroid cancer surgeons: implications of performing a prophylactic central neck dissection.  J Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery 2016 Oct 28;45(1):55

  • Rivard J, Kostaras X, Shea-Budgell M, Chin-Lenn L, Quan ML, McKinnon JG. A population-based assessment of melanoma: does treatment in a regional cancer center make a difference? Journal of Surgical Oncology 2015;112(2):173-8

  • Cebola M, Eddy E, Davis S, Chin-Lenn L. Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction (Ogilvie’s syndrome) following total laparoscopic hysterectomy. The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology 2015;22(7):1307-10

  • Urbanellis P, Chin-Lenn L, Teman C, McKinnon JG. Kikuchi-Fujimoto lymphadenitis mimicking metastatic melanoma on Positron Emission Tomography: a case report. BMC Surgery 2015;15:50

  • Chin-Lenn L, Temple-Oberle C, McKinnon JG. Isolated Limb Infusion: efficacy, toxicity and an evolution in management of in-transit melanoma. Plastic Surgery 2015 Spring;23(1):25-30

  • Deutschmann MW, Chin-Lenn L, Au J, Brilz A, Nakoneshny S, Dort JC, Pasieka JL, Chandarana SP. Extent of Central Neck Dissection among Thyroid Cancer Surgeons: A Cross-Sectional Analysis. Accepted for publication in Head and Neck

  • Temple WJ, Chin-Lenn L, Mack LA. Evaluating population-based breast cancer surgical practice in real-time with a web-based synoptic operative reporting system. Am J Surg 2014:207(5):693-7

  • Chin-Lenn L, Mack LA, Temple W, Cherniak W, Quinn RR, Ravani P, Lewin AM, Quan ML. Predictors of treatment with mastectomy, use of sentinel lymph node biopsy and upstaging to invasive cancer in patients diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in-situ (DCIS) or core biopsy. Ann Surg Oncol 2014;21(1):66-73

  • Chin-Lenn L, Mack L, Temple W, Bryant H, Craighead P, Ghali, W, Quan ML. Quality indicators for ductal carcinoma in-situ (DCIS) of the breast: development using a multidisciplinary Delphi process and its use in monitoring population-based treatment. J Surg Oncol 2013;108(6):348-51

  • Chin-Lenn L, Murynka T, McKinnon JG, Arlette J. Comparison of outcomes for malignant melanoma of the face treated with Mohs micrographic surgery and wide local excision Dermatologic Surgery 2013;39(11):1637-45

  • Christie M, Chin-Lenn L, Watts M, Tsui AE, Buchanan MR. Primary small cell carcinoma of the breast with TTF-1 and neuroendocrine marker expressing carcinoma in situ.  Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2010;3(6):629-633

  • Dieu T, Silfen R, Chin-Lenn L, Schenberg M, Leong J. Radial fasciocutaneous free flap “wrap-around” iliac bone graft for hard palate – premaxilla – nasal septum reconstruction. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2008;121(4):218e-220e

  • Dundee P, Chin-Lenn L, Syme D, Thomas P. Outcomes of ERCP: prospective series from a rural centre. ANZ Journal of Surgery Nov 2007;77(11):1013-1017

  • Chin-Lenn L, Ying D, Leong J, Ross D, Wu T, Nazaretian S, Donahoe S, Silfen R. Surgical management algorithm of Mycobacterium Ulcerans ulcers. Annals of Plastic Surgery July 2006;57(1):65-69

  • Chin-Lenn L, Ryan C, Skene A, Mianroodi A. Proximal oesophageal amyloidoma presenting with life threatening dysphagia. ENT Journal 2009;88(6):E4-6

Book Chapter

  • Chin-Lenn L, Pasieka JL. Medullary thyroid cancer. In: Pathak KA, Nason RW, Pasieka JL. Management of thyroid cancer: Special considerations. Head and Neck Cancer Clinics vol.7. Byword Books; 2013 (in press)

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